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      3 years ago we had a leaky shower repaired. The tradesman said the floor tiles were loose so we agreed to have the floor relaid and then coated with their stop-leak product. Now we discover the shower is leaking again. I went to clean out the drain only to discover that the star pattern cover had been permanently cemented to the floor. The company is not forthcoming about fixing the drain (even though they have a 12 year anti-leak guarantee) only resealing the surface. What I would like to know, is it a mandatory regulation to have a drain that can be accessed? Maybe I can use industry regulations to force the company to fix my problem!

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      Best to check with your local Plumbing Inspector as different rules and regulations apply to different States.
      A phone call should be all that is needed.

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      Yes and No. Depends on the inspector and how lucky you are to get someone there to say just that.

      Most drains have a degree of difficulty of getting access to.

      Example; back to back tub and showers with finished lower level.

      That, is a tuff one.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Vickie, What Peter (who happens to be the Chairperson of the Sheep herders Association) means is Where on Earth do you come from, This is an International Forum, if you filled in your Profile we could help.

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