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      mirza danish baig

      Our water pipes were just replaced with IPEX tubing. We also have a new Fridge and were going to connect our ice maker to the IPEX tubing and we aren’t sure that the saddle valve will work with this type of tubing.
      Please tell me what you know!?!
      Thanks, Cindy V. NC

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      Retired plbg1

      I am not to femilar with that pipe, but what I seen and read you have to go to the main block and connect there, unless the make a fitting to cut into the pipe.

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      depending on how close your ice maker is to your kitchen sink faucet. what you might be able to do is look to see if you have angle stops under your sink. if you do you can replace your cold stop with a double angle stop it will should be 1/2 ips by 3/8″compression by 1/4″ compression most likely. turn off your water main remove the old angle stop install new double stop reconnect sink supply to 3/8″ compression side then you need to figure out how to route your supply line to the ice maker we will usually if possible drill small holes in the back of the cabinets to do this. run your ice maker supply to the 1/4″ side of you stop and there you go. i would NOT recommend useing saddle valve.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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