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      hi could you please help me as my toilet will not flush tidy i have to flush about3,4 goes does the pressure need ajusting and where do i find this many thanks mike

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      In order to help I need more info. Take a five gallon bucket full of water and pour into the toilet. If the water goes down it is a problem with the flushing of the toilet, if the water goes down slow it is most likely a problem with the drainage pipes

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      you might try to get a coat hanger and cleaning little jets around rim. crude but it works. but first try the five gallon bucket thing

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      Retired plbg1

      Make sure water is up to mark in tank
      Make sure 1/4″ PVC tube is in the 1″ overflow
      Make sure flapper is not leaking
      Check holes in flushing rim and clean then out
      Cleanout little hole in bowl
      Check with 5 gal water

Viewing 3 reply threads
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