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      Avatar photoDaniel T Brierley

        I need help! I flushed hot candle wax down the toilet and now the toilet will not flush. I live in a rented condo, and didn’t want to bother my landlord. Can I resolve this issue myself and how?
        Please help!!!!

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        Avatar photomikeinpa

          Why did you do that?

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          Avatar photomaintenance-guy

            Unless you poured a lot of wax down there, I’d suspect something else has caused your problem. Ifyou are plugged with wax (I’m voting not), maybe you can brake it up with a plumbers closet auger (it’s a short wound wire snake with a crank. Any hardware store will have one)

            But I’d be looking for other explinations first. Chieck to see if tank is filled with water, check to see if flapper is attached to the flush handle, check to see if flapper seats near the end of the tank draining.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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