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      I have a waterheater that checks out OK electrically but still flucuates hot and cold very quickly any ideas ? cross connected ?

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      We are talking here about a Cylinder or and Instantaneous electric water heating device????

      If it is a cylinder then the first question I would ask is where is the temperature flucting at??? all bathrooms, handbasins or just in the showers??

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      With the info given, We are all guessing!
      Had a similar problem recently, turned out to be the tempering valve.

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      Sounds possibly like a defective inlet tube inside the water heater allowing cold incoming water mixing with ready to use hot water.

      Just a guess not knowing the age of the water heater.

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      you can check for a cross connection by shutting of water to heater then turning on a hot side of one of your faucets if cold water comes out you have a cross connection if it losses pressure then you don’t. might try changing your lower thermostate .ran into this problem two days ago lower thermostat was cycleing improperly

Viewing 4 reply threads
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