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      When we turn on our shower, we have a very loud shhhhh noise that gets
      louder when the hot tap is turned on more. You can hear when someone is
      using the shower from the other end of the house. My house is only 2
      years old and the plumber who installed the shower can offer no
      solution. The cold water is not as loud, but adds to the noise.
      Standing outside the bathroom door is the loudest. It’s where the pipes
      come down from the ceiling. Can you suggest anything that we might try
      to somehow lessen this noise. We have sound proofing within these walls
      as well but this noise has been there since day one. My husband has
      spoken to the plumber numerous times and “what can I do” is always his
      answer, so he has now asked me to search the net for “expert advice”.

      Hope you can help and look forward to hearing from you soon!



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      The shower valve might have some loose washers, check you PRV and turn it down and see if that helps, also any valve that has a washer in it check it out , also your pipes might be loose from there hangers and viabrating againts the wood. Really sounds like the shower valve has some loose washers are parts, does it chatter at other faucets, take shower valve apart and check it out, get name of valve go on internet and see how to repair it.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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