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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I have a hot water tank that was installed just last year and the element needs changed frequently. Is this normal and how do I change it myself instead of calling the landlord everytime I run out of water?null

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Something is wrong if you have to change them all the time, I had mine for 6 yrs. and have not changed it. First thing is shut off electric, drain water, take wires loose and you need a 1-5/8″ socket and hope it comes loose. You better have el. checked going to water heater, might be wrong voltage.

          Art retired plbg

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          Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

            If yiou have high TDS’s or agressive water, you need a special element.


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            Avatar photoDUNBAR

              Remove the anode rod in the top of the tank and describe to us the condition of the anode rod.

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