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      Hello. My pipes make a banging noise in the morning after I have finished my morning shave etc. It only bangs when the water is off, so I assume that is air hammer. However, a plumber came over and when he could not reproduce the problem, he told me it can’t be air hammer because it would happen all of the time if it was. I read on the internet that it can just happen once per day like that because it can take all day for the pipes to de-pressureize. Does anybody on here have an opinion or thought? Thank you

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      Check your incomming water supply connection for a PRV Valve (Pressure limiting valve) as this could be the cause of your problem – as could a loose tap seat washer, a poorly fitted water pipe passing through a too large hole without support, a toilet cystern inlet valve seat a little sloppy.

      A few ideas and thoughts for you to follow up on.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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