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        Hi everybody… I’ve got a real doozy here. I’m in a condominium complex. One of my bathrooms has a strange problem. I started noticing that the toilet was not flushing well and thought there may be a blockage. So, I tried using a plunger, to no avail. Then I even went out and got an auger, used that, and it seems that there isnt’ any blockage at all. However, I do notice that when I turn on my bathroom sink, my toilet bowl bubbles and fills with water. Anybody have an idea what the heck is happening?

        Your ideas will be much appreciated.


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        Avatar photoSelgas

          Ya could have a small or partial blockage on the toilet waste pipe that is causing water to back up under high water flows from the handbasin.
          Would suggest you get the waste pipe from the toilet end checked out.

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            Where your Lav. connects into your pipe has a stoppage below that, it has to be cabled out.

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