Need opinions on duct tape as a permanent repair.

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        My land lord charged me $80 for his maintenance man to repair a cracked plastic elbow. This maintenance man is not a master plumber. The elbow connects to a rubber hose to a A/C condensation drain. The maintenance man “repaired” the elbow by wrapping a layer of duct tape around it. This “repair” lasted for two days. I was charged an additional $90
        for another apartment maintenance worker to replace the elbow and an 10″ length of plastic pipe connected to it. The tape failed in 3 days. It is my observation that the duct tape failed due to the tapes lack of strength in the wet environment it was in. The land lord tells me the joint failed due to negligence on my behalf. For those of you who are expert plumbers, I would like you to respond to the following question: Is wrapping duct tape around a wet plastic drain pipe is an adequate for a permanent repair?


        Tim Erickson

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          No that is not a perfect job. The fitting should be replaced and I would tell that land loerd he has no right to charge you a price like that when it is not fixed proper, we call them guys (Tape& Putty Artist.)

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            Since when do Mat. men charge to repair work in an apartment, next time call a Lic. Plumber and tell him to shove it.

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