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      hi all, im loosing water pressure in my weekend cabin. Pressure goes from max of around 48 on the gauge down to 28 (when the pump kicks on) in about 10 minutes without using any water in the cabin. Ive eliminated the possiblity of any leaking pipes inthe cabin or crawl space.
      The system is a 1/2 hp F/W submersible, 44 feet down,comes up thru pitless adapter, into buried Welmate tank, then into old well pit where drain valve and connection to cabin piping is located. Air in pressure tank checks out (around 48 using tire gauge when system pressurized, drops to around 20 when system has lost pressure) leading me to believe tank is ok..
      I took well cap off , upon putting my ear down to the 4 inch casing i could hear water “hissing,spraying” somewhere down inside the well casing…Could this be the pitless adapter seal leaking? what else could it be down inside the pipe other then the check valve or the piping itself is cracked possibly?
      Even though this is a fairly shallow well compared to most, im still going to call a pro into troublshoot,repair.
      Could a plumber handle this or should i call a Well driller who services? The well /components are 9 years old. Company that put it in no longer is in business..Any advice tips appreciated!!! thankyou

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      Call a Plumber if they specialize in this type of work in your area.

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