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      I have been sanitizing my well about once a month with chlorine and that takes care of the smell, but then it comes back in about a month. It is a shallow well “32 FT deep’ with 2 inch well pipe. Is there a solution to this problem? Would it work if i put a pvc pipe inside the 2 inch? thanks

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      I would say that you need to have the water tested to determine why the water needs treatment in such a short period of time. I would say that contamination could be an issue in the problems you are having.

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      To DUNBAR: I don’t think the well itself is cantaminated, because when i run the faucet for a minute or so the odor goes away. Any other thought on this problem? Thanks

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      Since you don[t think the water is contaminated, what do you think the cause of the problem is?

      Do you have any idea of what problems with both the well material and your water qualty can be caused by pouring bleach down your well each month?

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      I’am starting to be suspious about the piping from the pressure tank to the faucets. It has that very old white cpvc piping. The worst odor comes from the kitchen faucet and that has the longest run. Is that what the problem is?? Thanks for your input!!!!!

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      I asked those questions to get you to think about the possible causes. I don’t know what the cause of the odor is, nor do I know what the odor smells like. But I do know that if the odor isn’t chemical (such as from your plastic plumbing), it is caused by bacteria. Bacteria create gas, the gas smells sulfurous, or like rotten eggs, sewage etc..

      The chlorine you use monthly oxidizes the gas and kills some bacteria. Some types of bacteria will not be killed by your chlorination and trying causes them to produce a prtective slime. That can cause encrustations which further protects the bacteria. Chlorine is not good as a disenfectant with pH over about 7.2. Above that it is a good oxidizer. Chlorine raises pH, it is alkaline, or base. Your 2″ well, has little water in it and your pH will be sky high depending on how much bleach you are using.

      Do you know what chlorine does to galvanized and all other ferrous metal? Are you aware of carcinogenic chlorine by-products? If not I strongly suggest you call in a water treatment dealer and follow his/her advise. In the mean tie, suspend your activities.

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      I think i may have found where the problem is. This morning i ran water from a tap before it goes into the pressure tank and into the system and there was NO BAD odor.Then i took out the water filter which is before the pressure tank and there was no ODOR either, so i’am assuming the problem is from the pressure tank to the faucets. Thanks for your input.

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      The problem is most likely your pressure tank. The rubber harbors bact. When you sanitize and the smell comes right back the most likely cause is the tank. Replace the tank with a fiberglass tank, Sta-rite has a good tank with a better bladder that does not harbor bact as much.

      Also when sanitizing, it is better to sanitize the whole system not just the well.

      To correctly sanitize you need to make sure that you have a pH less than 7 but more than 5 closer to 5 the better. anything over 7 is not doing you much good. Using 100 gallons of water with a pH of 5.5 with 2 gallons of 12.5% Sodium Hydrochlorite will give good results. Use Milk Stone remover from any farm store to lower the pH.

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      1) I agree with verything that Gary said, especially about the health issues. Pay an expert to come out and check your system, including a bacteriological analysis of your water.
      2) You mentioned a filter before the tank. Beware that some of those in-line cartridge filters need to be exhanged/cleaned regularly. A lot of people don’t realize it, but they make great breeding grounds for bacteria! The only filter I recommend is a UV bactericidal filter, and that needs to be checked regularly, too.


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      Testing the water for bact. is always a good idea, but not all bact. are a health risk. Most slime and odor causing bact. are just a nuisance. They do harbor coliform bact. The slime formers are great at building protective housing to prevent the chlorine from working.
      When you cannot control the bact. from generating the smell continuous biocide treatment works best.

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