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      I have to run a lenght of 5 meters of copper pipe over a concrete floor do I need to protect the pipe against chemical reaction from the concrete and what will I need to use for that. Thank’s for who ever sends me the answer.

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      You can use PVC gas wrapping tape to protect copper tubing buried under concrete. PASCO is one manufacturer. The tape comes in rolls that are about the same size as duct tape rolls.

      Follow the instructions for wrapping to make sure you cover the pipe well. Make damned sure there are no leaks before the slab is placed and do yourself a favor by making a diagram showing exactly where the pipe runs, should you ever need to brak up the slab to fix it…

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      You could also slide the copper pipe through a length of PVC waste pipe thus making a sleeve to protect the copper from the acid in the concrete. If you need to bend the copper pipe then use glued PVC bends to allow the PVC to bend with the copper pipe.
      This method will allow access to the easier removal of the copper pipe should a leak occur in the future.
      We bring the PVC pipe up through the concrete to about 100mm (4 inches) above the concrete level and wrap the gap with tape to stop anything falling down the duct.

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      You said you were going to lay the copper on the concrete floor, well you can buy small hangers they call american tube and put them on the copper and lay it on the floor. that will keep your pipe about 1″ above floor.

      Art retired plbg

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