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        Hello. I live in an apt, unit upstairs bath (which is more or less atop my bath) has drain pipes for tub, sink, toilet running down wall of my apt. THeir tub drain clogs, and I think as water tries to make its way through, it bottlenecks causing either a bang in the pipes–or maybe the pipe itself to move and hit 2×4 in the wall. Not sure. They keep trying to unclog, but to no avail. They say water is draining slow, which is better than full clog. Anything one can do short of going in the wall? I don’t think we share drain pipes, otherwise I’d try to treat mine. But the banging early in the morning is something else! Thanks for any advice/tips/insight

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          You should have 2 pipes going up one for you the other for upstairs that are connected together and it is partly stopped below that and backs up to your pipes because you are the lowest.

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