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      We are building a house in Maine, and have a well. We were using a 10 gal water heater for the past 2 years. We just got a 40 gal heater. Within 2 weeks, we got the sulphur odor. We replaced the anode rod and the smell persists. It does not occur with the small heater, it does not occur with cold water, or cold water that is heated. It seems to be the water heater. What do we do next ? Is there a filtration system available ?

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      When you replaced the anode did you replace with an alum rod ,did you flush the heater with chlorine ,the smell maybe from bacteria growing in the tank,try flushing tank with diluted chlorine bleach then turn 125 also could have a chlorine injector installed on the cold water side of the heater .

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      I agree with Mike but the 125f may have to go to 140f. If when you removed the anode rod some of it was scraped off into the tank, it’s like not removing the rod. S oturn up the temp for a few days and see if the odor goes away.

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