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        I just replaced the whole cartridge on the cold water handle side of my sink as the old one was too hard too turn on and was hardly running any water through it…the plumbing supply store could not match exactly the old cartridge but it was close enough and it fit in…except now this new one works even tighter than the old one but with perfect water flow…it’s just so hard to turn the handle on and off…any suggestions here?…I have replaced these same parts in this sink before and NEVER saw anything like this…what am I missing here?…is there an adjustment on the cartridge somewhere?…it certainly is not the handle itself…

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          I am not familar with that faucet but did you tighten the nut too tight.

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          Avatar photoSusanaLyn

            Do you mean the the final nut you tighten down under where the handle stem is?…becuase I loosened it up by backing off several times on it and replacing the handle and that did nothing either except make it dribble down the sink under the handle…so I tightened it back up…right now I am using the cold water shut off under the sink to turn it on and off as a temporary fix…that is MUCH easier on my hand and arms…

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            Avatar photoRetired plbg1

              Thats what I was talking about. You have something tight are it is full off corosion, put that faucet you got in and ask them how to replace carthige, maybe you did some thing wrong.

              Art retired plbg

          Viewing 3 reply threads
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