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      Avatar photoDale wesley

        We had a clogged copper line by our hot water heater where the cold water goes in. Any suggestions? We had checked our water thru Health Dept. & got a hardness result of 196 mg/L. The clog was hard, solid yellowish gold.

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        Avatar photoDUNBAR

          I would remove the first 3 feet of the cold water inlet pipe of your water heater……including replacing the shut off valve, and pull the anode rod on your water heater to see how deteriorated it is. If it is almost completly gone, replace it with a new one.

          Also pull out the dip tube and check to make sure there is no deterioration on this tube.

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          Avatar photoRetired plbg1

            Sounds like you need a water softner.

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            Avatar photosan

              THANKS, we did need to replace some lines & valves. We have flushed the water heater a # of times by filling kids pools, so that isn’t too bad. BUT, we do for sure need a softner. The Health Dept. had told us 196 was very good…..that lady didn’t know what she was saying. We investigated it more & have many signs of hard water. We spoke with the local sanitarian & he checked it again & said we had calcium & lime. Here we go for a softner .

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