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      We just moved into an old house that had been vacant for about 5 years. We had a plumber come and fix some leaking pipes in the crawl space. All the plumbing is working fine except the main floor bathtub. The sink and toilet work fine. It started that the hot water would flow through the tub faucet but no cold water would come. Then we got the cold water to trickle out. Last night my husband was banging on the pipes a bit to see if we could get the cold water working. There was a blast of water/dirt and then it was back to the trickling out again. But now the hot water doesn’t work either!

      Any suggestions/ideas of what might be wrong?? Thank you!


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      Sounds like the banging you did knocked the dirt loose and now it is in you tub valve, you will have to take valve apart and clean out are blow dirt out with the water press.

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