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      Our home was built in 1985. I was just recently told that we possess a Quest system. For the past year it has sounded as though the ocean is running through the baseboard heating system, when it is turned on. A plumber has told us that a completely new system must be installed, to the tune of $10,000. Are there any pending suits that would help cover this expense and is there a less expensive way to correct the problem? Please give us some advice!

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      Do you mean you have the gray PB tubing and it’s leaking? Or that you have a problem with your heating system?

      If it’s PB tubing, search the web for PB or polybutylene tubing. And I think that should be QEST if that’s the case. The cut off date for replacement has pasted in some cases and is about to close in others IIRC.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Get a new heating plumber. If you replaced all the tubing in the baseboard heating system with all copper, it still would only cost less than half that.

      As the tubing is not leaking, you have no problem. Get the air out of the systen usning standard air purge techniques and it will stop making noise. Read:

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      From your description it sounds like you have air trapped within your heating system that just needs to be vented out.

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