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      Am trying to find way to plumb washing machine into rented premises with no existing w/m plumbing. Have to do it temporarily into kitchen sink (kitchen plumbing is hidden behind existing cupboard) and want to plumb w/m inlet from kitchen tap (it doesn’t have a thread) with a rubber tap connector. AT one time these were fairly common place but can’t find where to locate them.

      Any ideas????

      Much appreciated,

      (new mum who’s desperate for w/m)

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      Why is there no threaded connection at the spout of faucet?

      This is uncommon and curious to know what type of faucet you have

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      You can still get these piercing valves, ask at your hard ware store for a kit to install an ice maker fridge.

      But piercing valves leak, and the tiny hole they make won’t pass much water, it will take a long, long time to fill a washer.

      I suspect that if you unscrew the aerator form the faucet, you’ll find a set of threads where you can attach a hose adaptor, also available from the hardware store.

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