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        I have had a reoccuring problem of water being in my basement washing machine. It is a new machine, but I had the saame problem with the old one. I have had the pipes rodded out, a new sewer line put in, hydroflushing of the balance of the sewer line, all to no avail. The machine is in the basement apartment of a 2 flat. It does not seem to be filling due to any other appliances running (ie. the upstairs dishwasher, shower, or washing machine). We are at our wits end! Any ideas?

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Either the pipe is partly stopped where they connect and you are using a soap that suds up to much. Try running a load with out soap and see what happens.

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          Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

            DAHRIS. Your post is unclear! you state that you have had the sewer & wastes rodded & water blasted then you state that the problem is that the washing machine will not fill.

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              Fist you say that you have problem of wtaer in your basement wash machine, then it sounds like you have problem of it not filling, are your strainers on the hose clogged up, what is your trouble state it a little better.

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              Avatar photosmallfryd

                This is dahris

                The problem doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the washer, there is water occasionaly in the tub. The tub is filling from the bottom and we find the water when we go to wash a load, so washer has not even been on.

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                  If your wash machine is got a hose on it and drains in a standpipe like code says how is water getting in the machine, either you have a home made connection of some kind are your pump does not pump it all out. It has to be a problem that your caused. Have you got it con. to the pipes from upstairs and they are partly stopped and backing up in your machine. Make a little drawing and show how you have it con.
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