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      I’m not a plumber, and I’m not sure if your site answers general questions. On the chance you might-
      I’m in a 1 yr old track home. Builder planted cheap shrubs around foundation. I pulled them up and planted new
      shrubs last fall. One section of land (almost in front of restroom) is always moist. There is concrete bricks
      lining this 4×4 piece of land and I thought maybe there wasn’t enough drainage so I’ve removed some of the
      bricks. Still no difference. If you pour water in it, the water just puddles there- but it doesn’t get any
      higher. Our water bills are consistent with others in the neighbourhood. Is it possible we have a leak? Any
      assistance is appreciated. Thanks! Heather

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      Most homes are guaranteed for atleast one year. Have the builder contact the Master Plumber have them dig up by the wet spot and use DYE to check the sewer piping connections for intergrity Good Luck. SylvanLMP


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