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      My son just flused a toy down the toilet is there anything I can do to fix the problem without having to call a plumber ? the toilet will still flush but it want refill all the way ? I would think if we keep using it that the paper would stop it up getting hung up on the toy . also I live in an apartment bottom floor !
      Thanks for your time !

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      Take up bowl, it might be stuck in bowl are the pipe below. Is your toilet filling up to the mark in the tank.

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      thank you so much for replying to me ! no the toilet is not filling up to the mark in the bowl . what do you mean take up the bowl ? sorry when it comes to plumbing I don’t know anything . that would be ok since I live in a apartmet ? thank you again for your help your a angel !

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      There are two bolts that hold toilet to the floor.

      Pop the caps that cover them and unscrew the nuts off these two studs that stick up through the base of toilet.

      Shut off water to the toilet and remove water line from the tank.

      To make toilet lighter, sponge all water out of tank and toilet bowl.

      Pull toilet up, and inspect the underside of toilet and/or inspect the piping the toilet hooks to.

      You will need to replace the wax ring underneath toilet that keeps water and sewage from emitting from connection.

      It sounds like alot, but it can be done. There is no guarantee that it is in the toilet or the pipe below it, it might of made its way to the sewer by now.

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      If it isn’t in the toilet or bowl then it is ok ? it is ok if it made it’s way to the sewer . I mean or the sewer pipes big enough that it want get hung up it will just go out to sea shall we say . are the sewer pipes big enough that it wouldn’t get hung up in the sewer pipes ? the toy is about 3 inches in long and 2 and half wide . thanks so much !

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      Retired plbg1

      If the toy is that big I dont think it make it past the first turn, get water out and take a mirrow and look up in the bowl and see if you see it.

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      Before I would take up the stool ,I would try a closet auger.Go to your local hardware store and buy one.It is worth a try and alot easier than taking up the stool.


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      Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who replyed to my post . My husband got the toy out he plunged it real hard and it dislodged it . thanks again for all the help !

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