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      I currently have a weil mclain boiler which heats 3 zones. For the last year now I have been having a problem where I’m getting little or no heat in 2 of the 3 zones. I have suspected several things as the cause. But due to not being all to familiar w/ the system I have not had much luck. Last year I replaced the expansion tank due to it starting to leak. I purchased the identical model and placed it in the same spot. Prior to 2 of the three zones where working w/ the 3rd getting little heat, that I suspected was the cause of the circulator pump having a problem. Also after replacing the expansion tank last year I was getting periodic discharge from the pressure relief valve on the boiler. This year prior to starting up the system. I went through the boiler manual and found under the troubleshooting section that the resaon for the discharge on the releif valve was either expansion tank not adjusted properly or pressure regulator valve being faulty. I knew the air in the expansion tank was correct, so I adjusted the pressure regulator valve and so far have not had any problems w/ the discharge. Although I am still having the problem w/ the 2 of 3 zones getting little or no heat. I have been all over the web to try and find something that may point me in the right direction, and have found nothing. The system consists of a weil mclain hydronic boiler with a Taco 007-E5 circulator pump for each zone. When I turn the thermostat on for 1 of the zones that gets no heat. You hear the relay kick on and the boiler start up. Once the water gets heated up and the boiler shuts down. The water does not seem to get to the zone. Is this a problem w/ the circulator pump? What is it that releases the water into that zone to cause the boiler to kick back on to heat the return water? Any help would be great. It has been quite frustrating!

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      Harold Kestenholz

      You probably got some air into those zones when the ex-tank failed that is causing a flow blockage. A good purge, most likely assured by a good repair company, would probably get it back to heating again.

      Radiant floors do not heat up quickly, so the quick shut down of the burner points to the boiler temperature rtising to the high limit setting and shutting down the burner because the water is not flowing to take the heat out of the boiler to the radiant panel.

      Most control sets do not work on only the return water temperature.

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