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        Hi, I installed 2-5ft. 3/4″ baseboard heat (Slant Fin 2000) where a small radiator use to be. I can’t get the unit to heat up normally. I didn’t put a bleeder valve on it ( to vent the air) because I thought that I wouldn’t need to. Other baseboard heat I had installed in an addition has no bleeder air vents and works perfect (this part is on a different zone than the one I installed myself). The new(Williamson) oil furnace is in the basement and the pipe coming from the furnace eventually reduces down to 1″ copper pipe with a T fitting (with a flow arrow) that reduces to a 1/2″ flex pipe that goes up to the first floor and then travels to the left about 8ft. and then into the 3/4″ baseboard heating unit. The basebord unit then goes to the right for 10′ and at the end of the 10ft. length of baseboard the 1/2″ pipe comes out and then goes to the left 2ft. and then down through the floor and enters into the same 1″ pipe about 3ft. from the other T fitting. When I turn the heat on the 1/2″ pipe on the floor beneath the baseboard unit gets very hot and the 1st 5ft. section of the unit gets hot after about 10 minutes. The other 5ft. section stays cool. Do I need to place an air vent valve or did I install this unit incorrectly? I used the original pipes that came up from the floor and was attached to the old radiator. Thanks so much for any suggestions! Take Care, Jim

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        Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

          You have an air trap in the line. If you have a purge and balancing valve at the end of the zone, purge the air through the zone as at:

          If not, put a baseboard tee and air vent as at:
          at the last end of the baseboard before it droips back down, then purge the air from there.

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