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      George Meates-Dennis

      The first flush of the day is OK. The next flush will not be complete. The bowl doesn’t empty out. It is like a half flush. It will not flush completely until later in the day.
      The toilet is in the basement floor. The drainpipe makes a right angle turn really quick and another turn out to the street. There are no other slow drains in the house.
      Could this be a temporary blocking area in the line that clears up after some time. I have used the auger with the toilet all connected. No change. The toilet is only ten years old. All the holes in the bowl have been cleaned out and are open.
      Do I need to clear the line with a snake?
      Please help.

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      Is the toilet fill valve properly setting the water level 1/2″ below the overflow tube and is the fill valve sending water into top of overflow tube during flush cycle?

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      Yes to both.

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      Retired plbg1

      Is the toilet vented, sounds like it is getting a little syphone action there, watch and see if water in bowl is rocking all over after first flush.

      Art retired plbg

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      Vented? Good question. There is one pipe on the roof that looks like it is directly above the upstairs toilet. Is this my vent? How do I tell if the basement toilet is vented?

      All flushes or half flushes really swirl hard in the bowl.

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      It sounds like you have a partial clog somewhere downstream of the toilet. The first flush of the day is ok, because the clog is a ways downstream. Subsequent flushes cause a backup. If you let it sit for a while, eventually it drains past the clog.

      Remove your toilet and snake the drain line. While the toilet is out, check the trap and clear any obstructions.


Viewing 5 reply threads
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