toilet wont flush unless i hold the lever down

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      my toilet will completely flush only if i hold the lever down until the flush completes. ive looked around but have had trouble finding a solution. any help would be appreciated.

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      Sounds like the chain from flapper to trip lever is out of adjustment; pull slack out of chain in the closed position with minimal slack in the line when not in use.

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      Dunbar is probably right, as this problem is usually due to poorly adjusted ball or flapper valve linkages.

      Another cause of this problem, even if the ball/flapper valves are working properly, is a poorly designed low-flow toilet. The 1.6 gallon flushers on the market are not all equal. Some are better than others. By holding down the flush lever on a marginal 1.6 gallon toilet you can achieve a better flush…at the cost of using more water.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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