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        I’ve recently replaced my kitchen faucet with a new model and removed the dishwasher vent above the sink in favor of a soap dispenser. Now, the vent and the two tubes attached to it (I don’t know what they are), are just hanging underneath the sink. I have a feeling when I run my dishwasher it will overflow through these tubes into my cabinet.

        What do I do with this vent after I remove it?

        Thank you very much for sharing your expertise!

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        Avatar photoDUNBAR

          You are removing a very vital item that protects you in the event if your sink clogs.

          That air gap will keep wastewater from entering the dishwasher.

          They are code in my state where I live and provide a health standard more than anything.

          Tieing the two pipes together is going to provide a cross-connection in the event if the sink clogs.

          Looping this pipe high inside of cabinet will provide some security…….but not much.

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          Avatar photonicktheplumber

            As Dunbar says, this air-gap fitting is required by code to prevent back-siphonage of waste water into the dishwasher and supply lines in the event of a clog in your sink drain.

            The code also requires that the air gap be installed above the flood rim of the sink, so you can’t let it hang in the cabinet under the sink.

            If you must have a soap dispenser, you may be able to buy a new escucheon plate for your faucet, one that has a hole in it to allow insertion of the soap dispenser, or you can buy a new faucet that comes with the soap dispenser.


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