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        I had a new kitchen sink and Kingston Brass “Duraseal faucet” put in. It looks nice but the water flow thru the new faucet is almost unacceptable. It takes twice as long to fill the sink.

        The same 3/8″ copper supply lines were used. I noted that the new faucets had a very small hole where the seats opened. Is this something that seems normal for these darned new water saving faucets or do I have a restriction in this new faucet?

        Both hot and cold flow the same slow speed and it seems only slightly faster if you open both sides up together.

        I’m dissapointed in the low flow

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          Most faucets have a water saver disc installed in the areator at the end of the spout. Most can be romoved but a few are built in and cannot be taken out. Take the areator off and check the flow then. If it is much better then proceed to see if you can get that thing out! Usually it is a small stainless steel or plastic disc that sits right at the top of the areator underneath the rubber washer with a small diameter hole in the center. Hope this helps!

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