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      Charles Bussher

      While I make it a point to purchase US-made ball valves, I am finding them more difficult to get. My suppliers have more and more valves made in Mexico, Italy (I wonder why?), and Asia. I haven’t had any gross problems with these (such as weak castings that crack when you cinch them down), but I’m concerned about possible problems with de-zincification. I can’t seem to get any accurate info about the zinc content of the brass. I understand that red brass is better than yellow brass as regards de-zincification, but that “yellow” brass with a “low” zinc content of < 10-15% or so of zinc should be ok. Any comments?


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      I know those red handled B&K valves with the thin brass on sweat valves are junk.

      Give it four to six years and pits show up in them and start to cancer out. I always replace them when they do this.

      Where do they come from?

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Nick. In Oz & especially Qld, Plumbing is extremely regulated, which is why I question DIY work.
      It is a regulation that all brass must bear the letters DR.(Dezincifacation resistent) and have Australian Standards approval.
      If a fixture or fitting is found without those marks -then the installation is failed & the plumber or owner if he has done it himself is fined.

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      RSM and Dunbar,

      Thanks for the replies. I’ve seen some of those red-handled valves and passed up on them…they looked flimsy. I’ve pretty much decided to buy only those valves made by NIBCO and WATTS…in fact I’ve stocked up on several boxes of these in the 1/2″ to 1″ size. I just don’t trust the others. I’ve noticed that NIBCO labels some of its valves as ‘Made in USA” and others are unlabelled…I eschew the others.

      Morton, I like the DR label, but we don’t have it here. I’d like to assume that there are regulations in the US that are supposed to assure that our valves are “DR,” but maybe that’s wishful thinking!


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      NOS Plumbing and Heating</titl

      the only way to go is NIBCO and WATTS

      NOS Plumbing and Heating
      Tristan Novak, Pres.

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      Retired plbg1

      How about Hammon & Wolverine valves are they okay.

      Art retired plbg

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