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      Avatar photoChris Warfel

        Does not appear to be a stoppage. have used auger and also snaked main for good measure. Have made sure that water level in tank is correct. Can dump a pail of water in bowl and looks like it flushes fine with some paper in bowl.
        There are only the 2 of us in the family and have not dropped anything in the toilet to get trapped in the trap.
        Pulled toilet and used mirror to look into trap and it looks fine. toilet was installed in ’88, Kohler 4519.
        got on roof and looked at vent, did not see anything, but did not snake or use a hose to see if anything did get trapped in the vent.
        any ideas what else i can look at without replacing the toilet.
        (by the by, the sink and tub drain fine and do not get any air bubbles or gurgling in toilet when draining the tub/sink….. I know just enough to be the guy you don’t want to come and fix what I thought I could fix!)

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        Avatar photoDUNBAR

          Is the fill valve feed tube to overflow sending the proper amount of water into overflow tube to replenish water in bowl after flush?

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          Avatar photodicko

            can’t be sure, dont’ know what the proper amount would be for the overflow, but when I hold the hose up and let it hit in the tank, the tank sures fills up a lot faster.
            thanks for your reply

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            Avatar photoracefanone

              Cleanout the holes on the under side of the bowl flush ring.Sometimes they get plugged.Use a coat hanger or piece of wire.Also check hole in bottom of bowl.

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              Avatar photoRetired plbg1

                Is there anything between tank and bowl in the flush valve hole. Does your flapper stay up long enough to complete flush, try holing it up and see if it works.

                Art retired plbg

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                Avatar photodicko

                  racefanone and Retired plbg
                  will check and do, thanks
                  will let you know

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                  Avatar photonicktheplumber

                    It is good that you checked the bowl to make sure it’s clear. Now snake the drain line and vent. I guess you said you did that…If the bowl flushes well with a pail of water dumped in, then you may not be delivering enough water from the tank when you flush the bowl. Make sure that your tank fills up to the water fill line (by adjusting the float valve) and make sure your tank flapper/ball valve stays open long enough to run a good flush volume from the tank through the bowl. If evefrything is as it should be, your toilet should flush fine.


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