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      …and doesn’t work at all when the nozzle is held all the way open. I have replaced the diverter, the aerator, springs and seats… not sure if replacing the ball will do anything, but I suspect not or I would have done it by now.

      Water only comes out of the sprayer with the hamdle barely open, and then only a trickle. When I open the faucet all the way, the sprayer won’t even drip.

      Any suggestions?


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      It could be the sprayer itself, clogged with gunk.

      It is good that you inspected all other areas, but try taking off the sprayer itself and see if it works with no sprayer on hose.

      Also check to make sure that hose is not crimped or crushed underneath.

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      I should have pointed that out, too. The hose dispenses water with the sprayer disconnected, but only when the faucet is barely on; basically the same situation.

      Anymore suggestions?

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      Retired plbg1

      If you did all those things you were told well one more thing take hose apart from faucet underneath and see if it is clogged at connection and see if hose is open all the way.

      Art retired plbg

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