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      A couple of days ago, I started hearing a hissing noise from my toilet. I assumed the floater just hadn’t risen and so it thought the bowl wasn’t full yet. When I checked, there was no water actually entering the toilet bowl. I don’t know much about toilets, so i am going to explain this as best that i can…
      My toilet has a new version of a floater. It is NOT on an arm that floats up and down but it is on a tube that goes the floater goes up and down on. It seems that when the water fills up in the tank, it passes the water line and sits about an inch above it. Since the floater is on a tube that has an end point, it can’t go up any more. This water that is above the water line is just enough that a small amount is going down the centre tube (which i am assuming goes down the drain)
      If anyone has any idea how to fix this, I would greatly appreaciate it. The sound is really annoying.
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      Retired plbg1

      I cant think of the name of that ballcock but if it is the one i think you have to turn it counter clock wise and put it up, turn off water. Get the name and go on the net and ask how to ajust it, also it might be your flapper leaking, put color egg dye in tank, dont flush and see if it comes through, flush tank first let fill ip 1/2 way turn off water that way you can see if it is the flapper, if you fill it up to top you wont know which is leaking.

      Art retired plbg

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      Very simply stated, you problem is that your float valve is adjusted to shut off at too high a level of water in the tank. This allows the tank level to rise above the overflow tube, thence to drain into the bowl and into your toilet drain pipe. This can waste a lot of water and cost you mucho bucks. As RP suggests, you need to adjust your float valve to shut off at a level about 3/4″ below the top of the overflow tube. There are various ways to do that, depending on the particular design of the float valve.


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      Robert Stephen Morton

      stubb. the one you seem to be describing could be a fluidmaster. if the water level is above the top, nick is correct but the valve is not closing AAAAND you have a cross connection, where by the cistern contents can, under negative pressure in the upstream supply be drawn into the town supply.

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