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      Avatar photoCraig Williams

        Check out this Australian invention (worldwide patent pending)
        No Dump Blocking Plate
        The interest and support from construction companies has been amazing, and with recent sales and interest from schools, hospitals, and municipal councils, the invention is making people rethink about OH&S issues…
        Any thoughts?

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        Avatar photoDUNBAR

          I’m sure it serves a purpose, but what the advertising fails to mention is that this will only be used AFTER the maintenance guy , the plumber or attendant finds the toilet loaded full of crap and toilet paper, overflowing onto the floor.

          Probably not worth the money spent since that would just be another item to have on the truck, and if some has to really go, they will just dump on top of this plate.

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          Avatar photomaka

            With public toilets, the plate WOULD be used after someone finds the toilet, but if the toilet can’t be fixed “on the spot”, the installed plate would make people use the other cubicles. Cleaners in Australia have been installing them on broken toilets and then contacting plumbers to fix the problem.

            The main purpose for the plates is to stop tradesmen using newly installed toilets on construction sites…forcing them to use the portable toilets that have been provided. There’s not much point having all these OH&S regulations for the supply and maintenance of portable toilets for tradesmen, when in rooms next door there are toilets full of faeces…

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