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      cristian villar neira

      We are wanting to put a 3/4 bath in our 3rd story expansion. THe house is of the early 1900’s vintage with 6″ joists. We arent too interested in cutting a drain through the joists, and dont like where that leaves us with a toilet.

      Can anyone rec a solution for this? A flush up toilet or some sort of evac unit. Would be nice if we could collect shower and toilet at the same time. Any advice greatly appreciated.


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      Retired plbg1

      The Plbg. Code dont alow those toilets on upper floors. You said house was built in1900 you probly have high ceiling drop the ceiling 6″ move fix close to a wall and put in a sofit. Did you have Plumber check it out are you doing all the guese work your self, everybody else puts toilets on third floor just take a little knowledge.

      Art retired plbg

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      I agree…….and I am not to fond of upflush toilets either. Gravity always beats mechanical in longevity.

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