How to drain sediment from water heater ???

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      I have a Bradford-White 48 gal. high efficiency water heater. It is now 4 years old. Never been drained. The pressure relief valve has been allowing small amounts of water out from time to time, but not every day. What is the proper procedure for draining the tank to get rid of sediment? Do I simply attach a hose to the silcock and open it? Do I need to power it off? Do I release the pressure from the relief valve first? Do I shut off the water supply to the tank? Thanks.

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      Before I give one bit of advice, You need to test the water pressure on this water heater.

      Find out what is causing that T&P to leak. Temperature or Pressure is your culprit and that needs to be addressed more than anything else.

      Big box stores have the gauge in the sprinkler section or pump section of plumbing for under ten dollars.

      Post back with the working pressure in home.

      Make sure you run at least 15% of hot water out of tank from a faucet before testing to get an accurate reading.

      Make sure no other fixtures are running.

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