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      Avatar photocurtis c

        I have a 30 year old shower base, which I think is made of fiberglass or some sort of plastic. It measures 32×47. The walls of the shower are tiled with 4×4 ceramic tiles. The base is in bad shape, it gets moldy and very dirty. I’ve tried cleaning it, but it’s had to get clean. I’ve painted it several times with epoxy paint, but it doesn’t hold up very well. There are no leaks, it’s just an eyesore. Is there any sort of liner that I could put in, or do I have to replace the entire base? If I have to replace the base, how difficult is it? Do I need to remove the entire layer of tiles that come down to the base? The drain should not be an issue, as there is an unfinished basement below the shower.

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        Avatar photoDUNBAR

          Yes. They can be a bear to replace and the tile would have to come off at least a foot from the shower pan.

          They make really nice new ones that will fit the space you have already.

          For the trouble it is worth, the peace of mind after all the work is done is worth the finished product.

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          Avatar photonicktheplumber

            Since the base doesn’t leak and is just grungy looking, you might want to try sanding it down (lightly) and then coating it with a fiberglass gel-coat resin (available at boating supply stores or specialized fiberglass supply stores). You can of course rip out the old pan and try to find a new one to fit (I’d recommend acrylic), or replace it with a built up custom pan. In either case, you will demolish the first couple of rows of ceramic tile. You may have a problem getting new tile to match color and texture exactly…unless you have some spare tiles from the original job in the basement.


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