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      how do i wire a pressure switch in?


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      Is the pump 110 or 220?

      If the pump is going to run on 110, some pumps come from the factory with a clip set to 220, and has to be changed to allow 110 service.

      If you wire this on 110, check for total amp draw from motor at maximum load and determine size of breaker at this number.

      Make sure that switch is grounded, along with ground from motor into switch and at breaker panel.

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      There are four screws in a row on two pair of contacts. Divide the four into two each, left and right. The two closest (middle) screws can be used for either the pump or the power feed; two wires each. Then the other two (hots) go on the two that are the farthest apart; one on each end of the row. That keeps one power and one pump lead on each pair of contact points. They can also be reversed; pump on two farthest and power on two closest, it doesn’t matter. This applies to either voltage; 120 or 240 and either submersible or jet pumps of any kind.

      Naturally the ground/s goes on the green (ground) lug. Many/most pumps do not have a ground wire.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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