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      Robert La Bianca

      Can some one please advise me? I’m wondering if I can install a bathtub on top of a platform in a basement to avoid placing drain in concrete. I already have a toilet and sink in current bathroom but would like to add a tub. The drain pipe for toilet and sink are accesible above the concrete floor and I’m wondering if I can tap into one of them. Also will I need to vent the tub drain.

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      You can do this, but;

      If you only build the platform just for tub, you make the step out of tub very dangerous.

      Also, it will definitely lurk in your mind and anyone else that sees the tub that someone tried to avoid the concrete floor.

      If you tie into that drain line, you have to independently vent that shower to avoid wet-venting.

      It actually is so much easier just to bust up floor and properly install shower. If this is a home-improvement project, this type of install will not add equity to your home, but take away from it.

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