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      chuck soderling

      Friday night my toilet started filling about every 15-30 minutes briefly. I replaced the flapper thinking that was the problem. Wrong it still does the same thing. I put some food coloring in the tank water to check for a leak and sure enough it ended up in the bowl. This morning I took the tank off put a brand new fluidmaster flush assembly in and figured I was good to go. Wrong answer it started doing it again, I did the food coloring bit and colored water in the bowl. Over a 4 hour period the tank lost about 1/8 to a 1/4 of what was in it. (I turned the supply off while I was out to see how much I was losing.) The ballcock is 3 months old (it’s a fluidmaster400) and now the flush assembly is new. How can water be getting out? I replaced all the gaskets and tankbolts today as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      It’s the flush valve assembly lettin water past it.

      Either the surface where the flapper comes down is irregular or flapper is just warped.

      I always use a Mansfield water saver 210 flush valve assembly and they work great for the simple washer at base; very hard to make those leak since they are so simplistic as opposed to a flapper.

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      Did you use the right flapper?There are different ones Check to be sure it is seating properly on the flush valve.The flush valve might need cleaning off also.

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      it’s a brand new flush valve assembly that came with the flapper. in a response back from fluidmaster they suggested shortening my supply tube that goes into the overflow to eliminate a possible siphon problem. Just did that tonight so I guess it’s wait and see


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