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      Craig Speerin

      We have a one year old electric hot water heater at our lake cabin. Last week the circuit on the tank tripped for some reason and needed to be reset. Now we get water that is really hot and I can’t regulate it with the thermostats (upper and lower). I set them both to around 100 deg. but the water coming out is much hotter than that (too hot to touch). Possible thermostat problems? If so is that a separate component or part of the element?

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      Elements are what heats the water and those sound to be functioning fine.

      I would replace upper and lower thermostats, that is what is causing the problem with your water heater.

      If you can, check for continuity on the elements to make sure both are working just for peace of mind that they are.

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      Pssssssssssst Dunbar

      One should test the RESISTANCE with elements NOT continuity to establish if they are fully operational.

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      Thanks for the replies. What is the typical resistance with an element (assuming that it is just not greater than zero resistance?)?

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      Yeah, me too,,,,,,you got me lost on that statement.

      All I do is set my tester to Rx1k ,,,, set the needle to zero ohms when setting to test non-energized circuit to give accurate reading.

      My GB GMT-18A does not differentiate between resistance and continuity. It just puts the two together:


      It works though!

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