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        I live in a two story house with two bathrooms, one upstairs and one down. From time to time the kitchen faucet will just stop giving water. We can turn on all the other faucets and they give water just fine. Most the time if we turn on the bathtub faucet or the washing machine then the kitchen faucet will begin giving water again. I tried that today but got no response from the kitchen faucet at all. Can anyone help?

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        Avatar photoDUNBAR

          Need to take faucet apart and see if a chunk of solder or debris is stuck either inside of faucet or out.

          Disconnect water lines underneath and open valves wide open to see if anything comes out. And if nothing is found, it could be behind the valve you shut off under the sink.

          Sounds like something is floating around in those lines causing this.

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