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      The captive air pressure tank on my home well system has a broken bladder (water comes out the air valve). Is there any reason why I can’t charge the tank with air (maybe 25 psi) to have it act like the older style non-bladder tank?

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      What about the air volume control that is used on the old air tanks that run to the pump?

      It’s best to just replace bladder tank and have piece of mind. That is priceless when it comes to plumbing.

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      Yes you can but… then if you’re like most guys, you won’t get around to changing the tank, the air will be absorbed into the water and the pump will be short cycling and that will be wearing out the motor and then you’ll be prematurely replacing the pump but in the mean time, the frequent starting is increasing the amp draw which will be spinning the electric meter and draining your wallet unbeknown to you unless you read this post.

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      Furthermore, the bladder tanks are considerably smaller than the older 42 gal galvanized water tanks…if you try to use a ruptured bladder tank like the old style, you will find it won’t delivera good water flow and will cycle excessively. The only solution is to replace the bladder tank. BTW, a frequent cause of ruptured bladders is homeowners who think they need to inject air ocassionally ino the tank, as with the older system.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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