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        I have a Moen single lever kitchen faucet that is hard to operate.It works fine but takes alot of uumph to lift and turn on the water.I changed the cartridge(p/n 1225)and it didnt help. The inside of the faucet where the cartridge was sitting in was clean.It also leaks some when turning the water on and off(from the housing not the exit spout).FYI Its 17 yrs old.any suggestions?

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        Avatar photoDUNBAR

          Did you use plumber’s grease on all moving parts inside of this faucet when you installed the new cartridge?

          They usually come with a real thin layer of grease on the cartridge.

          Any time potable water can come in contact with such grease, it must be FDA approved grease that is safe for potable water situations.

          This grease is usually called food grease and is clear and looks just like silicone that doesn’t smell or tighten up over time.

          If water is surfacing at base of faucet, I am almost certain it is a small screw-in backflow assembly in back of faucet close to top. I just had one go bad on a customer’s faucet identical to what you describe and Moen will send it to you for free.

          If you go to , you can see the spec sheet on what I am describing to you. Take housing off and turn water on, then off, numerous times and watch and see if it leaks from this small diaphragm.

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      Viewing 1 reply thread
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