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      The trip lever in my toilet snapped, so I manually pulled on the lift wire to release the flush ball to flush the toilet. Now my toilet won’t stop refilling – the water runs constantly. I also can’t pull up on the lift wire anymore to flush the toilet. Does anyone have an idea about what’s happening?

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      It’s broke, simple as that.

      Shut water at valve underneath tank where water line is connected to.

      Disconnect flapper ball from overflow tube tabs along with chain.

      Take tank trip lever out of toilet. The nut on this is reverse thread and/or a pull clip.

      Remove both of these items and take to a hardware store and replace with EXACT IDENTICAL PARTS.

      Don’t listen to anyone that says, “Aww, this will work.”

      It doesn’t work this way, too many different types of toilets and manufacturers to say this anymore.

      Reinstall in reverse way you took them out. Should fix your issue with not a problem.

      When you turn water back on to toilet, Make Sure You Tighten The Packing Nut Directly Behind The Handle.

      A 1/8″ or 1/4″ turn is all you need to keep a leak from being created at the stem. The packing forms a memory over time around stem and lack of use will harden packing and cause it to let water past.

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      Thanks for your help Dunbar, I’ll try it out tomorrow and see how it goes. You don’t do free house calls by any chance, do you?

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      The only thing I do for free is advice in these forums.

      And I am sure when your boss asks you to work for free, you jump at the chance, don’t you?

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