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        I want to split a base board hot water zone. I own a split level house and have two zones, two pumps on the boiler, and two thermostats right now. One zone for the family room and one zone for the kitchen, dining room, living room, above the basement and three bedrooms and 1.5 baths on the upstairs floor above the family room.

        Problem being in the winter to make it comfortable in the living room means its way too hot in the bedrooms. So I would like to split that zone into two and put a thermostat in the hallway upstairs. I’m not increasing the the volume just splitting the zone.

        For the zone I want to split the pipe comes up from the pump on the boiler about two feet and then splits one to the living room area and one to the upstairs. They come together again on the other side of the basement.

        1) There is no connection on the boiler for another pipe or zone to attach, can I just split the two way connection(the wo exsisting zones) to a three way and attach another pump?

        2) Do I have to split the return pipe and bring them into the main return stack for the boiler seperatly?

        3) Any problems anyone might forsee in this?

        Much Obliged for any assistance or ideas

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        Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

          By splitting the manifold where the two pumps are now to add another, you are doing a usual piping arrangement. It is best to run the returns all the way to the return manifold as well. Remember to add a flow control valve (heavy check valve) when you add the new circulator or the other pumps will pump water backewrds through the new pump giving no zone control.

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