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      Chris Seidler

      My toilet bowls are rusty because of the ferrous lake water that is used. The water system empties into a septic tank. I have scrubbed the bowls but it has not helped. What can be used to clean the bowls

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Be extremely cautious by wearing full face mask, coveralls & gloves.
      straight hydrochloric acid will take the staining off instantly. Simply wipe the acid over the affected area. But be extremely carefull as the acid will also affect the septic system, be very carefull for your safety, you may wish to remove the pan & take it to a safe place.

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      I’d suggest not using a strong acid that will or could damage the finish of the toilet or you.

      Get some Iron Out, Super Iron out or similiar product made to remove rust staining.

      Quality Water Associates

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      I agree. If acid is left in bowl too long, it will damage finish. The acid is very strong.

      Yesterday I had a gallon bottle in front part of truck and tipped over. About two hours later, it burned a hole about the size of small plate through the carpet.

      The fumes oxidized every bare metal object in the cab of the truck.

      I will use acid in toilets if there is a large amount to clean in toilet but this product is so harmful to use and I can imagine the bad results if used in a confined space.

      Too dangerous for a homeowner to try.

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