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      I have a shower (stand alone-no tub) that has low water pressure. It came on suddenly at a time my subdivision was doing a waterline repair, I don’t know if it’s connected or not. All other faucets in the house are fine, including the sinks in the same bathroom.
      So far I’ve tried changing the internal parts of the handles (sterling brand, separate hot and cold), and the plastic circle part in the back that has the hole that the handle blocks when its turned off.
      I did notice that if the handles are totally out, and if you turn on the water, then I have really good pressure. It will shoot out of the space where the handles go and hit the wall on the other side of the shower with pretty good force.
      So I think the problem is above that point. I’ve made sure that the pipe between the hot and cold faucets is clear. I’ve tried to snake from the shower arm down, but when I get to about an inch or so from where the cross pipe that joins the hot and cold faucets is, I get stuck. I think the snake might be hanging up on a ridge if there is a connection there between the pipe that leads to the arm, and the pipe that joins the hot and cold water. I even tried to take the internal parts of the faucets out, and plug it with a stopper, hoping to dislodge any block.
      Nothing has worked so far.
      Any ideas? Could I have a leak? I don’t notice any water damage in the closet that shares a wall with the shower.

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      Try replacing the internal cartridge and see what happens……if it does not cure the problem, take cartridge back.

      That way the pressure can be sent upward but it doesnt make sense how water got through cartridge and clogged pipe to shower head without clogging internal cartridge.

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      I presume that you’ve tried cleaning the shower head. If you take off the shower head does the water flow well through the shower arm? Since you have separate cold and hot valves, I assume that you have a simple mixer valve (i.e. not a diverter valve assembly) in the wall. If the set-up is >40 years old, you probably have galvanized pipe, which is subject to scale buildup.

      It is hopeless to try to snake out the shower head supply pipe…I’ve never even tried to do that. Even if you could get a snake into a 1/2″ supply pipe, you’d never get it to make a 90 degree turn into the mixer valve. If you have scale in the pipe at the valve, you might be able to scrape it out with a short piece of wire.


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      Is it the way you put in the handles. I am not familar with that faucet, Try putting in stems all the way and then turn nut a couple times and back out stem and then tighten the nut.

      Art retired plbg

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