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      My toilet is either continuously running (not continuously flushing, but the water continually runs intot the tank) (not a seal issue), or is not running at all (I flush, and it flushes, but then the tank doesn’t refill) (not a water pressure issue)
      When it is continuously running, I have tried to pull the float up to stop the flow of water, but it doesn’t help.
      When it’s not running, I have to add water to the tank with a bucket.
      Any ideas as to why my toilet’s acting this way?
      Do I need to get a whole new toilet, or is there a mechanism in the float device that’s malfunctioning?

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      Replace fill valve in toilet and properly adjust for water to terminate to 1″ below top of overfill tube.

      Sounds like dirt in the fill valve or defective internal parts.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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