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        A couple of weeks ago, I noticed reduced water flow. I had it checked by water company. The indicated all is fine on their side. About 8 gallons a minute, as tested through my meter. On my side I see about 4 gallons a minute. Rep told me that it could be pressure control valve. My neighbor has PCV close to meter box. So I dug around a little, but did not find valve on my side.

        Q:If indeed I have one of these valves where else might it be installed?

        Q:If I don’t have one of these PCV’s, what else could be the problem?

        Thank You in Advance!

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        Avatar photoDUNBAR

          Prv could be located inside of building where main water line shut off valve is.

          Another point taken is the prv can become clogged through a integral strainer and cause this device to greatly restrict flow.

          Once you locate this valve, check for this strainer built-in to device.

          Numerous stop and waste valves will also cause flow restrictions in a home.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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